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  • Why is the KIN happening now?
    It’s time to showcase what Kenosha can do when we come together as a community. When the AMC/Chrysler plant closed in 2010, 107-acres were left vacant in the heart of the City of Kenosha, and became an eyesore that is now a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Kenosha is in a season primed for transition. While Chrysler’s departure provided the land that sparked the vision, recent unrest in Kenosha demonstrated the need for reinvestment and transformation. Now is the time to double down on economic empowerment, community engagement and cultural diversity, and to support innovation in and through Kenosha's neighborhoods to foster resiliency and sustainability.
  • What will be located at the KIN? What will the KIN include?
    Including 20-acres of public green space, the Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood will consist of innovation-focused office, medical, educational, commercial, residential and recreational space. While the vision for future development and investment continues to be defined in the coming weeks, months and years in partnership with neighbors, residents and businesses, initial progress has been made to create the framework of the KIN. A handful of anchor developments within the KIN comprise its framework, including the KIN Innovation Center and the relocation of LakeView Technology Academy. Construction on these projects will begin in the spring of 2023 and will be completed by 2025. More information can be found here.
  • Has the community / surrounding neighborhoods had a voice in this process?
    After a year-long process of meetings with small stakeholder groups, public meetings, and online surveys to garner input from residents, business owners, institutions, and community leaders, work to define what the KIN will be has only just begun. We know the KIN will not be successful without deep and broad community engagement. Ultimately, there is a great opportunity - and need - to define, refine and broadcast the full vision of the KIN by hearing from and listening to neighbors and residents.
  • When will the KIN be completed?
    Work to define what the KIN will be has only just begun. While initial work will be underway in the Spring of 2023 to lay the foundation for initial development, in the coming years, we will continue to work with neighbors and the community to develop a vision for the KIN - and make it a reality.
  • When will construction begin?
    Phase 1 of KIN infrastructure, including 26th and 56th street road construction and work on the utilities and plaza will begin in early 2023. A number of initial projects will also begin in the spring of 2023 and be completed by 2025, including the development of the KIN Innovation Center, the renovation of the Kenosha Emerging Leaders Academy, and the relocation and development of LakeView Technology Academy.
  • How will the KIN serve the community?
    Our ultimate goal is for the KIN to be respectful of and responsive to the unique needs of various and varied users. It is a place and an initiative marked by its commitment to economic empowerment, community engagement and cultural diversity. Through employment and training opportunities and commercial and residential development, the KIN supports innovation and reflects a neighborhood experience that is sustainable, resilient, safe and evolving.
  • Is this project owned by the City?
    The City of Kenosha has played a crucial role in the KIN effort to-date and will continue to own the underlying property. In December 2022, an independent, volunteer board of directors took on the KIN project and its future efforts. It is intended that the KIN board will ground lease portions of the property as development proceeds.
  • How will the KIN impact my taxes / property?
    Development within the KIN will increase the City’s tax base, benefitting the entire community. Our goal is to serve the neighborhoods surrounding the KIN - not displace their residents. We will work diligently to ensure the positive impact of the KIN is not offset by increased property taxes for neighbors.
  • How is the KIN going to change Kenosha?
    Our hope is that the KIN will be transformational, turning this highly desirable parcel of vacant land in the heart of Kenosha into a vibrant, community-based, mixed-use regional destination.
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