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Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood Welcomes New Board Members and Officers

BMO, Gateway Technical College, Haribo and Snap-on join expanding organization’s local, international representation

KENOSHA, WIS – The Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of four new board members and the election of new officers, expanding the project’s leadership and governance board to 11 members. The Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood (KIN) will be a regional destination to live, learn, work and play committed to the revitalization and transformation of 107 acres of vacant land in the heart of Kenosha into a collaborative, mixed-use project. The KIN will feature sustainable, innovation-focused office, medical, educational, commercial, residential, business incubation and recreational space that prioritizes and meets the unique needs of the neighbors, the broader Kenosha community, visitors and end-users.

“The KIN board’s primary mission is to serve the Kenosha community and the encompassing region of Southeastern Wisconsin,” says Tim Mahone, Board President of the KIN. “We are thrilled to welcome these highly-accomplished and talented individuals to the board who embody the passion and expertise that will propel the KIN forward in service of our mission.”

The board seeks to retain local and regional next-generation talent; create knowledge-economy jobs; develop a unique, neighborhood-centric site for residents and visitors to live, work, learn and play; and leverage public-private partnerships to serve as a statewide model of inclusive, innovation-driven economic growth.

The newly appointed board members include:

  • Vicky Arroyo Director of Economic Equity, BMO US

  • Dr. Ritu Raju President & CEO, Gateway Technical College

  • Wes Saber, Newly-elected Treasurer Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, HARIBO of America

  • Iain Boyd Vice President, Operations Development, Snap-on

They join an established board of individuals with a wide range of leadership expertise in the areas of economic development and equity, education, innovative management, and business development, including:

  • Tim Mahone, Newly-elected Board President Founder & President, Mahone Strategies Chairman, The Mary Lou & Arthur F. Mahone Fund

  • Mark Fedyk, Newly-elected Board Vice President President & COO, Jockey International

  • Arthur Harrington Esq., Newly-elected Board Secretary Attorney, Shareholder, Godfrey & Kahn S.C. Member of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Practice

  • Tim Casey Director of City Development, City of Kenosha

  • Anthony Jefferson Founder and Owner, Five Star Moving Crew

  • Heather Wessling Senior Vice President, Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN)

  • Deborah Ford, Immediate Past President Chancellor, IU Southeast

“At HARIBO, we believe in giving back to the places where we live and work, and we’re proud to partner with the KIN in its mission to do exactly that,” says Wes Saber of HARIBO, who joined the board as its newly elected treasurer. “The KIN is synonymous with future opportunity in Kenosha and I am honored to serve alongside brilliant leaders to steward the organization’s financial resources as well as the seeds of innovation that will shape our city.”

“Gateway’s mission is to deliver industry-focused education that is flexible, accessible and affordable for our diverse communities,” says Dr. Ritu Raju, President and CEO of Gateway Technical College. “I am incredibly proud to be joining a team of individuals who share this mission for Kenosha and look forward to furthering our strategic partnerships.”

“Kenosha is home to rich and diverse neighborhoods with remarkable opportunity,” says Vicky Arroyo, Director of Economic Equity at BMO US. “I look forward to working alongside the board to thread empowerment, unity, and lasting change that will enrich the very fabric of the community.”

The new appointments come on the heels of the announcement of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) awarding the City of Kenosha $5,580,000 in funding through the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Discretionary Grant Program. The grant will support the design and construction of an extension to the Kenosha County Bicycle Trail from 35th Street to 52nd Street, including two bridges over Washington Road and State Highway 158 (52nd Street).

“Our newly appointed board members and newly-elected officers, as well as the RAISE grant, represent a greater, collective goal toward community betterment,” says Mahone. “This is about an investment in our future – the extension of a multi-use path through the heart of Kenosha paves the way for opportunity and we are grateful for the support from the federal government, state and city partners on this important project.”

More information about the KIN can be found at

About The Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood, Inc.: The Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood, Inc. is a non-profit organization led by a volunteer board of directors composed of local and regional leaders dedicated to fostering economic recovery, improving economic sustainability and resiliency, and ensuring equitable community access to prosperity through the development of the Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood (KIN). The KIN, the revitalization and transformation of 107-acres of vacant land in the heart of Kenosha, is a collaborative, mixed-use project that is bringing the community together to define and deliver a regional destination with sustainable, innovation-focused office, medical, educational, commercial, residential and recreational space that meets the unique needs of neighbors, the broader Kenosha community, visitors and end-users. Learn more about the Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood at



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